Empowering brands to visibly restore nature

No, not yet another boring carbon offset company. We’re here to help you integrate positive impact into your business by connecting you to the best nature restoration projects that provide engaging visible results.

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Join over 100+ regenerators

Join the pack of businesses that look beyond negative, compliance-based offsetting towards purpose-driven, nature positive impact. See how they’ve escaped the carbon tunnel vision and are making a traceable positive impact around the globe.

“Companies can profit by fixing the world’s problems instead of creating them”
Paul Polman
Business leader
& Co-Author Net Positive

of consumers has changed purchase preference based on brand’s environmental- and social impact


of the next-gen workforce feel their employers are not taking substantive actions to fight climate change

Our regeneration-as-a-service platform is the easiest way to make tangible impact


Engage your audiences with live impact updates

Learn more about impact tracking


Support multiple projects, all in one place

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Tech for Good

Leverage modern tech to get ground-level visibility

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Product options

Impact that fits your business

API integrations

Automatically contribute to projects based on business triggers


Contribute to a variety of projects on a recurring basis

Direct contributions

Make a direct impact in a project of your choosing and share the results


Empower your employees, customers or other stakeholders to restore nature

Dynamic impact reports

Demonstrate your impact with a report of everything restored, where and how.

Track your impact with live restoration updates and ground-level evidence of results

Tailor your profile to tell your sustainability story along with your restoration efforts

Check out the case study


Engage your audiences with real-life proof of your impact

Add a traceable link to the impact made to any of your physical or digital products

Establish valuable contact with your end-user and build up your marketing audiences

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Provide personal and meaningful gifts to relations

Give your relations a meaningful gift that makes a positive impact instead of a negative impact

Personalise your gifts and let the recipient choose the project closest to their heart!

Access a world of planet positive content to power your story

Access a feed of shareable content and news from the front-line of your supported projects

Work with our team to develop dedicated branded restoration sites, activities and experiences

Authenthic action

Infuse your brand with impact

Stimulate awareness and start an ongoing conversations with your customers

Drive home your claims as a brand in the most tangible and traceable way

Our Services

We unburden our clients to make effortless impact

With Sumthing we engage our customers with the real, positive impact that we are making as a business.

Doing good for the planet is also good for business, as we've seen a positive uptake in reorder rates
Geert Pelsma
Branding manager HappySoaps
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What we do

Restoration partner management

Finding and auditing partners, managing contracts, compliance to ensure impact


Enabling your customers, employees and suppliers to stay tuned on progress

& reporting

Maintain a 360° view of all contributions across the board, all in one place

Partnering with us is not just about restoring nature. It’s pioneering a new,  regenerative economy

We gear profits towards our purpose through steward-ownership, a mission-centered governance model like Patagonia, Ecosia and Signal.

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