How Ecochain is compensating emissions in a more fair and transparant way

Ecochain's journey began in 2011, driven by a passion for sustainability and a belief that understanding one's environmental footprint is the key to reducing it efficiently. 

To achieve this, they have developed a powerful platform for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The LCA provides a clear framework for measuring the environmental impact of products. It takes into account all factors involved, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of a product's eco-footprint. By using the LCA, businesses can gather valuable data that helps them make informed decisions to enhance sustainability.

As experts in measuring and reducing footprints, Ecochain looked inward to examine the impact of their own operations. After performing the analysis, they identified hotspots for improvement to reduce impacts in the years ahead. But they also felt a strong sense of responsibility for the emissions they had already generated. They wanted to take ownership by making a real difference for nature, looking beyond the traditional offsets.

Compensating without intangible credits

Ecochain takes responsibility for their negative impacts by applying internal carbon pricing. This means charging ourselves for the societal cost of a ton of CO2, as per the highest benchmarks calculated by the OECD.

With this mechanism, they're not just giving themselves an extra incentive to reduce and avoid. They also establish a budget to give back to nature and society at large, using the Sumthing platform to support various worldclass restoration projects around the globe.

When Ecochain's CEO, Frans Willem de Kloet, encountered Sumthing he recognized the opportunity for collaboration. Sumthing offered a comprehensive approach to contribute to nature restoration, creating not just benefits for the climate but also to local communities and biodiversity.

The collaboration came together effortlessly. Ecochain decided to support multiple restoration projects worldwide to make a swift and broad impact, which Sumthing could fulfill as a single point of contact. Shortly after, Sumthing delivered Ecochain’s planet portfolio on their Impact page along with their internal LCA, showing their various positive impacts on nature.

Sumthing's tangible approach to compensation where Ecochain can follow the progress provided a way to take ownership in a much more satisfying way than just buying certificates.
Frans-Willem, CEO

Getting the workforce on board with the sustainability journey

Through their partnership with Sumthing, Ecochain managed to make a real difference for nature that could be shared with employees and other stakeholders. The collaboration allowed them to communicate their commitment to a greener world. Ecochain's initiative to restore nature through Sumthing's platform resonated deeply with their employees and sparked enthusiasm within the company.

Having experienced the power of donations you can follow, Ecochain is now planning to take the next steps together with its’ customers. Soon, each customer will be able to see the trees planted on their behalf. This way Ecochain hopes to inspire a wave of positive change, uniting businesses and individuals in creating a significant impact on the environment.

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