How SMPL became the first skincare brand with its' own artificial coral reef

Founded with a belief in the power of natural beauty, SMPL is a natural skincare company that aims to simplify your beauty routine without compromising on sustainability. SMPL’s mission is not just to provide effective beauty solutions but also to live in harmony with nature. With a parfum-free approach and dedication to using only natural, high-quality ingredients, they offer simple yet eco-friendly beauty products. But their commitment to sustainability goes even further. Their skincare products are not only parfum-free but also vegan, ensuring no animal-derived ingredients are used. They take a strong stand against microplastics, making their products entirely free from harmful particles. Sustainability extends to their packaging, opting for eco-friendly materials. To reduce their carbon footprint, SMPL produces locally in the Netherlands and delivers packages using bicycles whenever possible.

Creating positive impact, together with customers

Their vision of natural beauty goes beyond their products. SMPL is on a mission to heal nature and make a positive impact. To achieve this, they're supporting a coral reef restoration project in Shimoni, Kenya, through the Sumthing platform.

By participating in this meaningful project, they set themselves apart from competitors in the skincare industry. Sumthing provides them with relevant updates and content directly from the field, empowering SMPL to share interesting and engaging stories with their customers. It's not just about selling products; it's about fostering a deeper connection with conscious consumers who want to be a part of something greater.

For SMPL, a small but ambitious company, this collaboration feeds two birds with one scone, as it helps our sustainability but also our engagement with customers.
Evi - Director

The collaboration with Sumthing, offered a comprehensive solution that aligned with SMPL's values, solving sustainability and marketing challenges for the company in an easily accessible way. The deal: for every five SMPL orders above €60,-, SMPL, on behalf of the customer, contributes to the coral restoration project. Customers are kept up to date on the progress in the project and see the new pieces of coral as soon they’re added. With every purchase, customers actively participate in restoring the marine ecosystem. This shared purpose creates a unique sense of community among SMPL's customers.

The Journey Ahead: A Coral Reef to Call Our Own

Looking forward, SMPL envisions a future where their impact continues to grow. As the company thrives, so does their positive influence on the environment. SMPL's owner, Evi van Splunder, dreams of a day when an SMPL customer can dive among the thriving coral reef they helped restore, wearing SMPL’s coral-friendly sunscreen . The initiative has set a precedent, and Evi hopes that other skincare brands will follow their lead in making a real difference.

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