How HappySoaps strengthens customer relationships with positive impact

There are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around in our beautiful seas and oceans. Care products contribute to this, as they usually come in plastic containers. To overcome this challenge, HappySoaps was founded: a company on a mission to bring accessible 100% plastic-free and natural care to everyone. 

It's not just about doing less harm, it's about doing more good

Marco Koers, co-founder of HappySoaps, said, "We want to go beyond just producing plastic-free products by also contributing to the cleanup of plastic waste. Approximately 70% of the plastic we use in the Netherlands is exported abroad, which is absurd! It's even better to radically change our consumption patterns because prevention is better than cure. Over 40% of the plastic we use is single-use, and that's something we need to change at its core. But until we have drastically changed this consumption pattern, we are still burdened with a lot of plastic waste. Looking at Cambodia alone, it's a complete disaster with the dumping of plastic waste. By cleaning up the plastic before it reaches the ocean, we prevent further pollution of our seas.”

Giving back as a company does not automatically mean that it is good for your business. Engaging customers in your sustainability journey is often challenging. In their search for ways to combine positive impact with sustainable growth, HappySoaps connected with Sumthing. After getting to know the platform, the idea for a Green Friday campaign was born: where sales were linked to collective impact. For each order placed, HappySoaps would clean up a kilo of plastic waste via one of Sumthing’s nature restoration partners in Cambodia. 

Through this initiative, HappySoaps successfully cleared 4.800 kg of what is known as Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP), which refers to plastic that's on its way to the ocean. Research indicates that 80% of ocean plastic originates from land sources! By cleaning it up before it reaches the ocean, they effectively prevented this pollution from harming our marine ecosystems. 

Sumthing has provided us with insights into which order led to the cleanup of which plastic and where. It's crystal clear, even down to the exact GPS location of the cleanups, what our customers have made possible. You can't get much more concrete than this.
Marco - Founder

Making customers part of the story

Via the Sumthing platform, HappySoaps was able to take their customers along in this restoration story. After the impact was made, customers were able to see the impact linked to their unique order number, and witness where and when plastic was collected as a result of their purchase. Sumthing’s unique approach to realising impact gave HappySoaps the opportunity to connect on a meaningful level with their customers. From the moment the campaign was launched, to when customers placed an order, and during the after-sales follow-up, the customers became part of the story.

But the impact of the campaign was broader than a cleaner ocean. As Geert Pelsma - Brand Manager of HappySoaps states: “With Sumthing, we engage our customers with the real, positive impact that we are making as a business. Doing good for the planet is also good for business, as we've seen a positive uptake in reorder rates.”

The technical implementation offered by Sumthing required minimal effort from HappySoaps, allowing them to focus on creating positive change and building their community of conscious consumers. The partnership not only increased customer engagement but also provided a new way to create impact and business value simultaneously.

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