How O My Bag created meaningful touchpoints with its customers through positive impact

O My Bag, a sustainable fashion brand, partnered with Sumthing and Plastic Fischer to make a positive difference. They removed 7,560 kg of plastic from the Ganges River in India, 5 kg for every purchase in their Archive Sale, whilst creating meaningful engagement with their customers, significantly increasing email open and click rates and social media post performance.


O My Bag is a forward-looking fashion brand, selling ethically produced bags made from sustainable materials. This impact driven company leverages growth to maximise positive impact. They operate in the fashion industry, where many of today’s environmental and social challenges take place. It is their mission to make a positive difference and to show that an ethical and sustainable fashion industry is within reach. 

Fashion sales are often associated with consumerism and negative environmental impact. O My Bag sought to change the narrative, by creating additional positive impact for every order. This allowed them to reduce overdue stock, whilst staying strong to their mission of making a positive difference. 

Making an impact for each order

Transparency is at the core of O My Bag’s sustainability strategy. This is why O My Bag partnered Sumthing, as the platform enables them to make a visible difference for nature, whilst creating meaningful touchpoints with their customers. They decided to contribute to Plastic Fischer: an organisation fighting plastic pollution in the Ganges River in India, one of the most polluted rivers in the world.

Doing Sumthing was a great experience: we made a real impact without a hassle. And the results show we did not do this alone: our customers were engaged throughout the process!
Femke Lotgerink, Impact Manager

The collaboration was simple: for every order placed during the sale, O My Bag donated to Plastic Fischer to remove 5 kilos of plastic from the river. Once done, they uploaded the proof into the Sumthing platform, linking it back to the individual customer orders. This enabled O My Bag to individually re-engage with their customers, showing them the impact they made possible. Additionally, they were also able to share their impact story in an engaging and interactive way via social media and their website.

Connecting with customers through impact

Together with their customers, O My Bag successfully removed 7.560 kg of plastic from the Ganges River, preventing it from reaching our oceans. To illustrate, that is the same weight of 1,260,000 bricks of LEGO! But the planet was not the only one positively impacted by this initiative: the analytics show O My Bag created a significant engagement with their customers. The associated email campaign saw an increase of 17,5% in open rates and a whopping 64% increase in click rates compared to average.

On social media, the post showcasing the plastic cleanup was one of the best performing posts ever! This shows us that O My Bag’s customers not only care about fashionable bags, but also about our planet.  

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