Why Reveal Media is collecting over 13.000kg of plastic

Reveal Media is a trailblazer in body-wornvideo technology. Since 2002, they've strived to redefine body-worn camera usage beyond law enforcement, spreading their use across different sectors like retail, healthcare, and security. Their approach focuses on strong partnerships and exceptional customer experiences. As the company grew, so did the urge to take climate action. For a company that is all about capturing proof, having a real and tangible impact was an important requirement. Therefore, they teamed up with Sumthing to start their restoration efforts.

To kick-off this journey, Reveal Media measured their plastic impact since the inception of their organisation and decided to take action by supporting TONTOTON, a project tackling ocean-bound plastic in Cambodia. Together, they removed more than 13,000 kg of plastic waste. The Sumthing platform helps Reveal Media to visualise their impact and create engagement with their employees around their efforts. Witnessing the results of their efforts further stimulated internal discussions on how the company could become a force for good and expand their impact beyond solving the plastic crisis.

This collaboration with Sumthing showcases the real change we're making. It's amazing to see our impact firsthand, contributing to nature's comeback story.
Alasdair Field, CEO

Besides creating a positive impact on our environment, Reveal Media took it a step further and decided to support the additional upcycling of 1575kg of plastic waste into an educational centre and playground for local NGO M’lop Tapang. This video shows the social impact which Reveal Media was able to create via their support.

During the conversations between the two organisations, another great idea surfaced: leveraging the Reveal body cameras to capture nature’s restoration efforts, and further visualise impact and drive engagement via the Sumthing platform! At the time of writing, a proof-of-concept is being set up to do exactly that.

Reveal Media and Sumthing's collaboration is a shining example of what businesses can do for nature. It proves that innovation isn't just about tech – it's also about innovating your business and being responsible for our planet. Reveal Media and Sumthing have shown that partnerships can shape a better future.