The goal is simple

The biggest plot-twist nature has ever seen.

Get €1 to nature for every person on earth.
Each year.


Sumthing had to happen

Nature deserves better.

After donating a tree online and getting only a lousy digital certificate in return, life-long friends Guido, Gijs and Mike decided to start Sumthing: where people come together to restore nature and follow the progress first-hand.

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Purpose first, Profit later

Our business model is a big deal.

For every €5 donated, you pay €1 to Sumthing so we can keep growing our global movement and positive impact.
Sumthing is structured through Steward Ownership. This ensures long-term purpose over short-term profit, and it's pretty cool.

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tech for good

Shaking up the industry.

We ensure projects are independently scored on quality criteria. If they meet our standards, they share proof of their results for each donation following clear impact contracts.

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Powering nature's comeback story.

It simply feels good to Do Sumthing.

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