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We can build the most kick-ass platform in the world, if no nature restoration project joins us, there is still not a single tree planted. And that would make it rather difficult to reach our goal to restore more nature than we lose. So, in come the projects.

We only want to work with the best projects out there. We take the selection of those best nature restoration projects out there very seriously. How serious that is? We’re about to tell you.

Sumthing's Project Score

These days, nature restoration projects are springing up like weeds at a pace that makes the average soil revitalization project jealous. You would have a hard time researching all these projects’ credibility and effectiveness to make sure you give your donation to the ‘best’ one out there. And that might mean you won’t donate at all. Again: not a single tree is planted. Hence, we decided to do that research for you. In comes the Sumthing Score.

We are always looking out to find the world's most effective projects, so your donations have the highest chance to make an actual difference. We don’t want you to take our word for it. That’s why we’ve formed a complete dreamteam of independent ecological and social experts (from WWF, IUCN and many more!) that score the projects on five criteria. Apart from these scores, we also use technology to get data on the project’s past performance to check their effectiveness. Let’s dive into those assessments a bit deeper:

A framework for clarity and comparability

The first part of the Sumthing score consists of the scoring of a number of questions about a project, in the five categories listed here.

These scores, put in percentages, not only provide clarity. They also make it possible to compare the projects. On the one hand, this makes it easier for you to choose a project closest to your heart. And on the other hand, it provides the projects with goals: it shows where they might have to step up their game to match their colleagues.

You think your project has got what it takes?

Reach out!

Proven track record & credibility

How long has the project been around and did they show real results so far?

Effectiveness & methodology

To what extent does the project apply restoration guidelines and best practices to ensure long-term beneficial outcomes for nature?

Local community involvement

How does the project deal with and involve local communities and contribute to social justice?

Innovativeness & scalability

How well will the project's way of working scale beyond its current scope if well-funded?

Purpose & accountability

Is the project structured in such a way that results for nature are its main priority, now and in the future?

Tech as referee, now and in the future

Our magic time-travelling abilities make it possible to check the progress of various nature restoration projects. We take any historically available monitoring data, combine it with available third party (satellite) data, and use AI to analyse it. That boils down to a lot of information that shows us how well the projects have performed so far. 

But it doesn’t stop once the projects enter our platform. We keep validating the project’s data and off-the-ground footage, to make sure your donations keep having the biggest positive results. Even when things don’t go as planned (and yes, that happens..) we will always be open about it. Maximum transparency always!

Raise your voice!

We are always committed to transparency and accountability in all restoration projects. We have the expert panel, tech as the referee, and our team that is continuously working to improve project monitoring. However, we understand that, despite our best efforts, something might occasionally slip through the cracks.

That's where you come in. We value your input and believe in the power of community collaboration. If you ever have a concern about the integrity of any nature restoration project on our platform, we would love to hear from you. Your voice matters, and it can make a difference in maintaining the highest standards of project implementation.

Expert panel

Martijn Piek

Martijn works at IUCN to reduce plastic pollution in Sri Lanka, and has a broad experience in regenerative agriculture and sustainable business.

Mike Odenhoven

As CEO of Sumthing, Mike personally vets all projects himself to be able to answer any questions about them. With his rich experience at Deloitte in balanced scoring, vendor evaluations and due diligence he brings an objective perspective to organizations' credibility.

Milan Petit

Milan specialises in mobilising talent, knowledge, and ideas to accelerate systems change, with a focus on improving the science-policy interface of sustainability in Europe.

Quirine Cohen

Educated in climate change with a focus on soil chemistry, Quirine now specializes in solutions to the plastic crisis and is an active member of the sustainability community.

Emilie Buist

Emilie works as a consultant for complex projects in the field of water management and climate adaptation. She has previously worked with the TU Delft Innovation and Impact Centre on the implementation of several innovative, water-related initiatives, including the deployment of a trash boom to clean up plastic pollution in South Africa.

Daan Bleichrodt

Daan specializes in tree planting and education, and bears a strong track record in having realized numerous self-sufficient tiny forests across the netherlands.

Alexandra Dumitrescu

Alexandra specializes in new models to financially support a positive impact on the people and the planet and thrives on the intersection between profit, purpose, and technology.

Solange Domaye

Through strategic and synergistic collaborations with Europe, Solange harnesses entrepreneurship as a powerful catalyst for change. With an unwavering commitment to amplifying women's voices and championing sustainable agricultural advancement, Solange stands at the forefront of socio-economic evolution in Africa.

Florentine Oberman

Florentine brings a vast experience in partnerships surrounding the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, particularly in the fields of Climate Adaptation and Livelihoods.

Veronika Uhl

Veronika has a robust international track record assisting social organizations in strengthening their resource mobilization capacities and facilitating connections between social organisations and businesses to generate social value.

Stephanie Wray

Stephanie is an experienced Project Director and biodiversity expert with strong experience in the assessment of impacts on biodiversity and the development of corporate sustainability strategies.