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So, you want to read a piece of nerd-word. We have many pieces of very nerdy words available. But we also want to explain to “normal people'' how we use technology. That’s why this is an inclusive article. Anyone should be able to understand it. Because that’s also the essence of Sumthing: We make high-tech tools easy to use for anyone, anywhere. Our platform is designed for anyone who wants to do good – no PhD required. Yet if you do have your PhD in Eco-friendly Biodegradable Sensors, click on the links for a deepdive. You won’t be disappointed!

The use of tech at Sumthing serves 2 goals

1. We use tech to capture and show results

As you now know, showing results is key to restoring nature. Luckily, technology allows us to show results in near real-time. We use an awesum, state of the art mix of technologies to do this. We capture data from webcams underwater, drones in the sky, satellites in space, and smartphones in hands of the people doing the actual work, and we verify these using AI. We show you the verified data, and we use it for cool engaging experiences like 3D models of coral reefs and forests, that you can dive or stroll through and where you can identify your ‘own’ trees and baby corals. Follow your donation, version 2.0!  

Besides building all this nerdy stuff ourselves, we can also make use of the technology developed by specific nature restoration projects on our platform. And if they’re up for it, we scale and distribute this technology across all our other projects. So, everybody wins.

This might sound all very complex and difficult, and it is. Guido writes a monthly tech4good update that explains all the complex and difficult things we are doing. Don’t worry, these are also pretty awesum to read if you are not a tech wizard yourself. You can find links to Guido latest blogs below.

However, it doesn’t matter how complex things are behind the scenes. What matters is that they should be accessible, easy to implement and user friendly on stage. And it is. For both the nature restoration projects that join the platform, and for you.

2. We use tech to connect nature restoration to existing business processes

We do not only build and scale very cool tech stuff. We also integrate it with our client’s systems. From travel to fintech, ecommerce to banking, if there’s a system, we can integrate it.

This means you can connect nature restoration to your existing business processes. Plant a tree for every new customer, remove a kg of plastic for every transaction, or connect m2’s of revitalised soil to your customer loyalty program: the possibilities are endless.

Sumthing is an API-based platform. API is nerd-language for ‘ridiculously connectable’. We still have to come across the first system we cannot connect with. We even dare to guarantee that we can also integrate with your system. Care to put us to the test? Challenge accepted, bring it on!

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