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Regenerate the fire afflicted forests of Attica in Greece

€ 8,40 EUR

Plant a tree to restore rainforests in Brazil

€ 8,40 EUR

Restore kelp forests in Portugal

€ 8,86 EUR

Restore coral reefs in French Polynesia

€ 32,22 EUR

Remove plastic from the Ganges in India

€ 12,00 EUR

Remove plastic from coastal areas in Cambodia and Vietnam

€ 6,00 EUR

Boosting biodiversity on agricultural farmland in the Netherlands

€ 9,84 EUR

Use Bamboo to stop the deforestation in Uganda

€ 30,00 EUR

Regenerate small farmers' land in India

€ 17,11 EUR

Plant native Aspen trees in Scotland

€ 8,48 EUR

Restore a coral reef in Kenya

€ 7,26 EUR

Plant a tree on the Brisbane Mains

€ 4,98 EUR