When it comes to saving our planet, there’s a lot to take into account, and a lot of questions that need answers.

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Is Sumthing a charity?

No, we are a for-profit, commercial organisation with the purpose to do good. Operating commercially allows us to scale our operations and welcome as many users and businesses as we can.

Where does my money go?

Simply put, €1 out of every €1.20 goes to the projects you support. We use approximately 17% to spread the word, keep the lights on and pay taxes. This page explains this in more detail.

I want to work at Sumthing, do you have any openings?

We are always looking for talented individuals that want to contribute to our mission. Visit the careers page or send an email to careers@sumthing.org

Can I gift Sumthing?

Definitely! We love climate positive gifts. What’s better: the person receiving the gift card can pick a project closest to their heart! Check out our gift card options here.

Can I automatically contribute monthly?

We created Sumthing club for users that want to automatically contribute each month. We will help you build a diverse portfolio of projects to maximise your impact! Learn more here.

How can I change or end my subscription?

You can easily change or cancel your subscription on our website. Can’t find it? Hit us up at hello@sumthing.org and we’re happy to help.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

At the moment, no. We are looking into ways how we can support customers in deducting tax when supporting projects that are registered charities in the future.

Does Sumthing offer carbon credits?

Sumthing lets you invest in projects that remove and sequester carbon - but it doesn’t issue credits (yet). That is because the carbon credit market today faces a number of challenges that we are not yet ready to address. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • At the moment it is estimated that 96% of all carbon credits are ‘avoidance-based’, which is fancy speak for not actually removing carbon. (Bloomberg 2021)
  • Large carbon offsetting projects have been seen planting non-native trees, creating monoculture forests that overtime degrade land, are devoid of wildlife, contribute to the acidification of soils and rivers, while creating potential natural hazards such as floods and fires.
  • The certification process that enables projects to issue carbon credits is very expensive and unattainable for smaller projects.
  • Another often heard critique is that carbon credits are used without trying to reduce emissions and pollution first.

We will work with our projects to find ways to disrupt this status quo in due time. For now, we focus on tackling global carbon issues without credits. Where possible (= scientifically proven), our projects provide estimates of carbon sequestration impact. Don’t forget it takes many years for a tree to sequester its carbon. Our projects focus on creating long lasting impact on the environment!

Can I become carbon neutral with Sumthing?

As many of our projects involve creating new carbon sinks, it takes decades before your contribution sequesters its carbon. We suggest not making carbon neutral claims as a result of contributions via Sumthing. A better approach would be to showcase how you are sequestering carbon with your contributions in our open database, for example by incorporating your contributions onto your website.

How do I stay up to date with my contributions?

This is what makes our platform unique: during the different steps the projects take, they keep users updated. You can always track and trace your contribution in our public impact overview.

What is the impact of my efforts?

All our projects clearly demonstrate the impact they have on the environment. Your planet portfolio is a publicly accessible database of all contributions made via our platform, and therefore also the impact you have. We are continuously working on visualising your impact in new ways.

How do you ensure a project is doing what it says it is?

Projects can’t feature themselves on Sumthing. Each project goes through a due diligence process in which we look into the way of working, financials, impact, et cetera. Additionally, we have agreements in place on how users are updated along the way.