How it works

Our platform offers you the opportunity to create positive impact on the environment by supporting our projects. As our approach might be a bit different than what you are used to, check out this page to learn how we and our projects work.

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Step 1


Explore our list of projects and add them to your basket. The project pages contain detailed descriptions on how impact is generated. Start building your planet portfolio by adding one or more projects to your basket.

Step 2

Track and trace

After your order has been placed it will go through various stages. Each project has its own delivery timelines, considering things such as rain seasons. We will keep you up to date during the different stages:

  1. Contributed

    After your payment has been processed the order has been placed.
    Great job!

  2. Planned

    Most projects require a fixed number of orders required to start the work. Once this number has been reached, your status changes to planned. At this point, the project timelines will be shared.

  3. Completed

    Done! Impact created ✅ 🙌 Check out the proof and see the exact location of your contribution on our map. What impact are you creating next?

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Step 3

Witness growth

As you continue to build your planet portfolio, we add the items onto your personal impact map, which can be found in your account. For each item on the map, you can see what stage it is in, and once implemented the proof is added. To understand the result of our collective action, we also have a shared impact map. Find out who your tree-neighbor is and see how many coral reefs have been created by our local football team.

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