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New chapter: Sumthing joins UN decade on ecosystem restoration

published on
November 23, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Sumthing's journey towards a world in which we restore more nature than we lose each year. Sumthing has officially become an actor in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, standing alongside 200 other world-class organizations and agencies worldwide dedicated to revitalizing our ecosystems across every continent and ocean.

Why Does It Matter?

Moving from strategy to action, the UN Decade restoration plan aims to mobilize all stakeholders around key priority areas for restoration – the Restoration Challenges. As part of a broader initiative to support UN Decade challenges and flagships with financial and technological support, Sumthing is proudly accepting its first challenge.

The key to the success of the UN Decade of restoration lies in active participation - to make a real change, everyone must play their part.

In an effort to engage supporters more effectively, Sumthing's platform will provide real-time media updates directly from project sites, enhanced by the latest and greatest in monitoring including satellites, drones and AI. This commitment to transparency ensures that every donor and supporter can witness progress towards this challenge first hand.In the future, Sumthing's commitment to the UN Decade Action Plan will be expanded by supporting other UN Decade challenges and flagships.

“This partnership marks the next step in our journey. We’re proud to take on our first flagship challenge and look forward to supporting many more project partners around the globe that are engaged in the UN Decade of Restoration. Our technology will help to boost visibility and progress towards our common objective to restore nature” says Mike Odenhoven co-founder and CEO of Sumthing.

The next chapter in our Story..

For Sumthing, this recognition marks a pivotal point in our evolution. What began as a simple idea, quickly turned into a network of restoration organizations worldwide. Together, we forged partnerships, raised funds and developed technology to regenerate nature. Our efforts have not only positively impacted the environment but also touched the livelihoods in communities around the globe in what’s being called the regenerative economy.

This is not just an announcement; it's an invitation to be part of Nature’s Comeback Story. Together, let's restore our ecosystems and build in which we restore more nature than we’re losing each year. It's Time to Do Sumthing. 

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