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Finally something positive - if we pull together we can do this. Seeing the people around the world joining this movement makes me optimistic about the future!


With Sumthing I can contribute to nature restoration from the comfort of my couch, it takes little time and effort to get started and make a positive impact


Seeing my trees arrive each month is a great experience. I also invest in stocks but this gives me more satisfaction! I love hiking and plan to visit the trees on my next trip.

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We’re an entrepreneurial team of growth hackers, designers, and engineers from across the globe working hard to build a digital platform that heals our planet. We work with the best out there on planet solutions that move the needle.

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"We are excited that momentum for restoring our natural environment has been gaining pace because nature is our best bet to tackle climate change and secure the future."

Joyce Msuya United NationsJoyce Msuya

Joyce Msuya

Executive director of UN Environment