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How we're leveraging modern technology to visualize restoration outcomes

published on
November 8, 2023

At Sumthing, we believe that technology has a big role to play in making nature restoration more accessible, engaging and meaningful to all. That's why we're always developing new nifty features for our platform, that we make available to all restoration partners on the platform to use for free. 
In this article you can read more about our the 3 features we've recently released.

1. Creating immersive models with AI

By unleashing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence onto drone footage of restoration sites, we're now able to transform videos into fully immersive 3D models that vividly showcase the evolution of these areas. These models help us monitor the growth of the forest volume, allowing us to provide clear before-and-after snapshots.

2. Analyzing reforestation track records with satellites

To measure the success of our reforestation projects, we rely on Google's Earth Engine to tap into satellite data in order to analyse the results achieved by our dedicated restoration partners. The C-band radar signal can be used to provide a good indication of the growth of biomass in the restoration area, which we then compare to reference areas close by to assess the relative gain accurately. Together, we ensure the healthy growth of these forests, so that they can mature into self-sufficient ecosystems.

Relative biomass gain analysis for partner restoration site.

3. Tagging outplanted coral with computer vision AI 

In the realm of coral restoration, the use of computer vision AI to tag outplanted coral fragments serves a dual purpose. Not only does it enable us to closely monitor the growth and health of the corals, but it also helps us show each individual donator their unique contribution to a healthy ecosystem. By providing a tangible link between their donation and the thriving coral, we offer our supporters a personal connection to the positive change they are making. Together, we'll building a stronger and more resilient underwater world, one coral at a time.

Initial results of the coral tagging model.

Stay tuned

There's more where that came from ! As we speak bodycams are being piloted in reforestation project in Greece and we're working on creating a fully immersive 3d model of coral reefs in Polynesia. If you're inspired by how we're using technology as a force for good we encourage you to reach out and join Nature's Comeback Story.

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