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Meet the crew: Mike

published on
October 2, 2023

Before joining the Sumthing team, Mike's career was a digital adventure. He dedicated his time to crafting digital platforms and experiences that left a lasting impact. His journey started at a prestigious consulting firm, where he worked for multinational clients. His blend of studies in product design and business administration made him a dynamic force in the digital landscape.

But how did Mike's Sumthing journey begin? Well, it all began with a simple birthday gift—a tree planting donation for a friend. However, what he received in return was far from satisfying—a mere digital certificate that lacked any connection to the trees' real-world existence. This got him thinking...

Why should a donation mark the end of the experience, when it could be the beginning of a tangible impact journey? His investigation into similar experiences unveiled a common problem: the absence of feedback and transparency. Cumbersome, text-heavy reports and certificates often replaced real-world results. For Mike, this issue was significant enough to do something about it. Given the colossal task of restoring our planet, the absence of visible progress discouraged many people, sapping their hope and motivation. It was a problem crying out for a solution.

Now, at Sumthing, Mike is the mastermind behind our strategy to realize this vision. He stays attuned to our partners' and customers' needs while keeping a close eye on technological advancements. By setting smaller, incremental goals and priorities, he ensures that our progress aligns perfectly with our mission.

But what does Mike love most about his role? It's the daily collaboration with extraordinary individuals, all united by the shared goal of tackling one of humanity's most pressing challenges. What motivates him every day? The unwavering belief that, together, we can restore more nature than we lose each year. Mike's workdays are far from typical, but the highlight of each one is the encounter with someone who shares his conviction—that we can make a meaningful difference for our planet through our collective efforts.

Outside of work, you can find him in the gym or on the soccer pitch, where he showcases his goalkeeping skills. And, in keeping with his mission, he cherishes spending time in nature, whether it's hiking through lush trails or cycling through scenic landscapes. In closing, Mike draws inspiration from Vincent van Gogh's wisdom: "Great things are done by a series of small things coming together." At Sumthing, Mike is a driving force behind the aggregation of these small, impactful actions, working toward a more sustainable and harmonious future for our planet.

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