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2024 - A Letter to Mother Nature

published on
January 5, 2024

Dear Mother Nature,

I'm reaching out to you, Sumthing’s most relevant stakeholder, to provide a direct update on our progress and our plans for the year ahead. Over the holidays, our team has taken some time to look back at the past year and we’re happy to report significant steps towards our vision. The plans we made came together as we gathered support from purpose-driven businesses for many great projects, launched feature after feature in our commitment to transparency and user engagement, and were officially acknowledged in the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. To celebrate our positive impact on your ecosystems we’ve made this short video.

But we wouldn’t be ourselves if we weren’t already looking ahead, with a healthy mix of ambition and purpose. If we are to have a fighting chance at the challenges you and your ecosystems are facing, we need to do even better this year. So here’s a summary of our goals and ambitions for the coming year;

1. Continue our 10x Growth Trajectory

Building on the momentum of 2023, we are committed to sustaining and accelerating growth, directing more resources into nature restoration to provide a growing and stable income to those projects that have the best use for it. We'll ride the wave that the CSRD regulation is creating, pushing companies to think about their impacts on nature and your ecosystems more holistically.

2. Champion a more transparent and fair way of compensating

Carbon credits didn’t do you any good. And neither will any other sort of credit. We’re providing a more honest, factual and result-based way of financing your restoration. Equipped with the backing of the Sumthing Score framework, the careful work by our independent expert panel and the recognition of the United Nations, we will raise the standard for compensation.

3. Grow our movement, amplify our story

We aim to bring much more businesses and individuals on board, in a wide variety of industries, branching into banking and energy. With each business that joins in, our movement is amplified as others are inspired to join the greatest comeback you’ll ever make. 

4. Push the boundaries of Nature Tech

We're all about using technology as a force for good, and we’ve got a bunch of great innovations lined up. We can’t wait to show you our news feed, with updates straight from the field where you can witness the restoration in engaging ways including video and even 3d renders. We’ll also expand our scale by building at least one digital integration with a platform that moves millions of euros each month.

5. Lead the way in Steward Ownership

We’ve chosen to structure our social enterprise following the principles of steward-ownership to ensure that profits remain a means to achieve our goal and do not become a goal in itself. This governance model aligns perfectly with your values of regeneration and accountability, but is yet to go mainstream. However, more and more investors are starting to see its merit and are chiming in. This year, we will be inviting them to come along as we close nature tech’s first multi-million funding round based on the principles of stewardship. Doing so, we’ll set a precedent for a more fair and sustainable economy.

6. Putting you, mother nature, in the spotlights

In 2024, we’ll be stepping into the spotlight, participating in key events to spread awareness about the challenges you face and the imperative to support projects that are fighting the good fights. We've set our sights on winning an award to further validate our work and broadcast our mission to your global audience.

Thank you for being our source of inspiration and motivation in this journey. We're more determined than ever to give Nature’s Comeback Story the happy ending it deserves! 

Stay tuned.


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