The most transparent way to contribute

We find the world’s most effective nature regeneration projects to ensure that whatever project you choose, your contributions make a real difference

How we use money

Business model

We charge our contributors a commission, called the Sumthing fee. This covers our operational costs, but also growth costs like marketing, that helps us build out Sumthing and further accelerate nature's regeneration. There are no costs involved for any of the projects.

Sumthing fee, taxes and payment fees

Any profit that remains powers our purpose through steward-ownership!


Local projects, global impact

We work with small, effective organisations that meet and often exceed our quality standards.

These organisations are typically much more cost-efficient than their big brothers with expensive offices in capital cities, whilst having a great effect on local nature and livelihoods.

Our projects move the needle on a global level, measured through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Data-driven impact

Due diligence & quality standards

All projects are analysed by our team, based on various objectives and criteria. Our selection framework helps us to evaluate and select the most impactful ones, where its needed the most, and create a visibly nature positive world.

Effectiveness & methodology
Innovativeness & scalability
Proven track record & credibility
Purpose & accountability
Community involvement


Monitoring, reporting &

Our projects need to be fully transparent about what goes in and what results come out. This makes contributing more engaging, but also helps selecting only projects that actually do as they say.


Showing you AI-validated proof of the impact made on your behalf, accompanied by 3rd party proof such as satellite images


Providing a full cost-breakdown of where your money goes, for things like fair wages, materials and maintenance


Connecting you to the people doing the work on the ground through personal and live updates


Raise a concern

Every day, our team is working hard to ensure our platform works the best way possible. But we are only human, and things might still fly under our radar. Therefore, we encourage you to report any concern or irregularity, with full confidentiality. We will investigate any issue raised swiftly.

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