Putting purpose over profit

We started this company to boost nature’s regeneration and we want to keep it that way. This is why we gave away a lot of our rights and secured our purpose via steward ownership.

Core Principles

Pioneering a new economy

Non-profits can have great impact on our planet and society. However, they also come with a lot of restrictions that limit the ability to scale fast. We believe commercial businesses, with the right mindset, can be a force for good and create results quickly. And honestly, that’s exactly what nature needs at this moment.

Building out a company that accelerates nature’s regeneration via a digital platform requires capital to grow and the freedom to invest and learn quickly. This is why we started looking at alternative ways to structure Sumthing, allowing us to operate commercially and grow fast, without losing control of our purpose or get stuck in profit-driven decision making. Therefore, we created a few founding principles that protect our mission, whilst we keep the advantages of a commercial business.


Founding principles

A force for good,
for good

By separating economic and voting rights, we can take on investments without losing control. Our purpose is legally embedded in our by-laws that are safeguarded externally.

We can never
sell out

Great companies got lost after being bought. This is why we decided that Sumthing can never be sold to a third party. An independent foundation holds the veto right to this decision.


Sumthing will ultimately become its only shareholder. This way we can use future profits to further accelerate nature regeneration via the Sumthing Foundation.

Governance model

Turns out that’s called
Steward Ownership

We are proud to join a set of pioneering founders, adopting this model and re-envisioning the nature of corporate ownership. Steward Ownership is pioneering the new economy and shifting from value-extraction and short-termism towards stewardship, independence, and long-term purpose.

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Our big sisters and brothers in
the steward Ownership family

The Sumthing Foundation

Using future profits for something  good

Once the business becomes self-owned, The Sumthing Foundation - a separate legal entity governed by our Stewards - can use the profits of our business to further accelerate our mission: creating a visibly nature positive world.

We do so, by supporting businesses and projects that align with what we are doing ourselves. Besides money, we can support with our technology, knowledge and networks.

Value for good

We don’t want to be a unicorn.
We’re a zebra !

Everyone keeps on talking about unicorns - not us. Zebra companies are both black and white: they are profitable and improve society. Zebra companies are defined as having a “double bottom line.” They value sustainable growth and place value on coexistence as opposed to the disrupting and (extractive) profit-focused unicorns.

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