Sumthing is now live on the YourCampus employee benefit platform!

Zeno Prast
September 7, 2022

YourCampus is an employee benefit platform that enables employees to choose benefits that suit their individual needs. Their employers allocate budgets on an individual level for each employee. The YourCampus platform is used by innovative companies like Crisp, ClassPass and Zapp to attract and retain top-class talent. From today onwards, all YourCampus users will be able to invest in the restoration of nature via Sumthing!

Sumthing enables you to make a real difference for our planet, with results you can actually see. You can instantly contribute to world-class projects across 4 categories: salvaging ocean plastic, restoring wildlife, fighting desertification and taking carbon out of the atmosphere. Each contribution is added to your planet portfolio, a personal dashboard where you receive proof of how and where your money is making a positive difference in the world.

The collaboration between YourCampus and Sumthing provides a key addition to the Sustainability options, and will add two flexible benefits to available options namely providing the opportunity to plant a tree just once or to join the Sumthing Club to make a monthly contribution to the variety of projects on the platform.

“This partnership is an exciting step in our journey to make contributing to nature restoration rewarding, easy and accessible. We are super excited to take this first step and look forward to working with the YourCampus team to build out this partnership in the future” says Mike Odenhoven, co-founder and CEO of Sumthing.

Employees increasingly expect their employers to enable them to make positive contributions to our planet, with 70% of employees expect their workplace to provide them with opportunities to make a positive personal impact. Ruben van den Boogaard, head of partnerships at YourCampus commented the following;

“At YourCampus we are always on the lookout for benefits that excite our users. We see a large and growing part of our community wanting to be a force for good and compensate for their impacts in nature, and this partnership with Sumthing provides a great way to do so.”

The Sumthing benefits are now available in the YourCampus app to all users.


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