7 tips to a greener workplace

Zeno Prast
July 13, 2022

People often think that being a more sustainable workplace requires a massive project or change in operations. Yet, there are some small changes that can have a big effect on the environment if done consistently. At Sumting we believe that with the contributions of many we can combat climate change and create long lasting results towards our goal to restore nature. However, it is just as important to curb the daily environmental footprint of the workplace too. Therefore, we thought of 7 tips in order to create a workplace that is better for the environment:

  1. Allow your employees to work from home and stimulate other forms of commuting

Top left: 200 people in the street if they would be walking

Top right: 200 people divided in 177 personal cars

Bottom left: 200 people divided in 3 buses or 1 metro

Bottom right: 200 people on bikes

  1. Use real plants inside the office

  1. Recycle office products and furniture

  1. Turn off electricity when the office is not in use

  1. If you need to print, ensure it’s done sustainably

  1. Encourage your employees to use stairs instead of the elevator

  1. Invest in nature to compensate for your remaining emissions

Businesses of all sizes are waking up to the need to restore our planet. Sumting provides an easy way to start investing in the environment, by building your planet portfolio and sharing it with your customers and your employees. Our platform connects businesses with dozens of trusted, pre-vetted projects that make a tangible positive difference:


1 Using Sustainability Initiatives to Engage Young Professionals - The CPA Journal

Benefits trees
Ecology planting trees
Trees good for environment

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