Nature regeneration,
visible and straightforward

To restore ecosystems, reverse climate change and revitalise biodiversity, nature needs 3 times more support than it’s getting today. Our regeneration-as-a-service platform is here to make it happen.

Our Mission

To create a visibly nature positive world

The United Nations declared 2020-2030 the decade of ecosystem restoration, driven by global agreements such as Sustainable Development Goals and the  COP15 nature regeneration commitments.

A growing amount of businesses and individuals are contributing to restore nature, remove pollution and protect biodiversity. We support this movement by connecting you to regeneration projects, visualising their work and using our technology and network to accelerate their impact.


Accelerating nature’s regeneration..

Providing full visibility

Results you can see, show and share. Track and trace each contribution before, during, and long after the impact is made with imagery, videos, GPS-coordinates and even drone- and satellite imaging.

Boosting effectiveness

Sumthing unburdens regeneration projects from fundraising, marketing and IT. Partners use our platform for free, lowering their costs and allowing them to focus on what they do best: making real, tangible impact.

Ensuring project continuity

We provide partners with what they need to make a lasting impact: a growing and steady stream of income. By combining the efforts of businesses and individuals, we can create impact faster than ever.

Enablers using the power of technology!


Bringing world-class projects together in one place


Validated proof of impact using AI and remote sensing


Near real-time, proof-based connections with our projects


One-click access to your nature regeneration journeys

How it all started

Our founder Mike was once asked to plant a tree for a friends' birthday. After receiving a digital certificate stating "it was done", he figured this experience should be much better, given the state of technology in 2022?!

On a cold December night, Mike gathered two lifelong friends and spoke for hours about the possibilities. The idea for a digital platform that shows the results of regeneration work was born! Not much later, they quitted their corporate jobs and decided to throw all our energy, knowledge, skills and networks at building out Sumthing.