Man with Cap on Mountaintop

Our People

The people we work with tend to have a few things in common, like a love for coffee, Fridays and nature. But one thing stands out. It unifies us above anything else. It’s our common allergy to admitting there’s a problem but doing nothing about it. And saw very little action being taken to tackle the biggest problem the world is facing today: climate change.

That’s why we started Sumthing: because we believe we can do something to save the earth. That irresistible bias towards action still permeates everything we do.

Got an idea to make tomorrow better than today? Go fix. Don’t like our coffee? Take a barista course.  New project or idea to scale our global impact further? Get it done. We are always hiring – so if you too believe we can save earth and want to help out come join us at Sumthing.

Our values

We’re united and guided by our values. We use them in our daily work in our team, with our partners and our broader community. We’re very proud of these values and won’t settle for less.

Better every day

  • Progress over perfection
  • Push ideas to bold new places
  • Take pride in results delivered

Realistically optimistic

  • Ground ideology in commercial rigor
  • Turn setbacks into learning opportunities
  • Acknowledge if things don’t work

Do it together

  • Community of customers and partners
  • Help each other shine and succeed
  • Co-own the vision, grow it

Biased for action

  • Everything is an experiment
  • Tackle problems head on
  • Roll up your sleeves and ask for help

Brutally transparent

  • Full accountability to community
  • Never shy away from tough conversations
  • Transparency over everything

Start doing Sumthing

We are always hiring!

Let us do the work for you! Send us an open application with your CV and cover letter in which you explain what your ideal assignment would look like. We will get in touch within a week to get to know you better and to find the job that best matches your skills and ambitions.